Graduate Students

Current grad students and alumni may submit their information for inclusion in the online directory here.

Name Email Advisor Ph.D. Program Thesis
Changhyun Choi Robotics Visual Object Perception in Unstructured Environments
Smriti Chopra Electrical & Computer Engineering
Siddharth Choudhary Interactive Computing Resource Efficient Long Term Mapping and Navigation in Large Scale Environments
Claus Christmann Aerospace Engineering A Path Planning Aid for Single Operator UAV Swarms in Structured Environments
Vivian Chu Robotics
Zachary Costello Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jean-Pierre de la Croix Electrical & Computer Engineering
Gerardo De La Torre Aerospace Engineering Estimation of Urban Traffic: Modeling, Optimality and Adaptability
Yancy Diaz-Mercado Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jing Dong