Graduate Students

Current grad students and alumni may submit their information for inclusion in the online directory here.

Name Email Advisor Ph.D. Program Thesis
Unaiza Ahsan Interactive Computing Social Multimedia Clustering for Event Recognition
Baris Akgun Robotics Simultaneously Learning Goal and Action Models
Sungtae An
Oktay Arslan Robotics Dynamic Programming and Machine Learning Algorithms for Motion Planning and Control
Sourabh Bajaj
Vinay Kumar Bettadapura Interactive Computing Activity Recognition from Videos
Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee Robotics Haptic Perception and Manipulation Using Whole-arm Tactile Sensing
LaVonda Brown Electrical & Computer Engineering Applying Behavioral Strategies for Student Engagement Using a Robotic Educational Agent
Daniel Castro Interactive Computing Better Understanding of Videos for Improved User Experience and the Development of Reliable Health Metrics
Smriti Chopra Electrical & Computer Engineering